Charley Pride The Essential (2 CD) Формат: 2 Audio CD Дистрибьютор: BMG Heritage Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 2006 г Сборник: Импортное издание инфо 11580q.

Содержание CD1: Charley Pride The Essential 1 Before I Met You 2 Just Between You And Me 3 I Know One 4 The Day The World Stood Still 5 The Easy Part's Over 6 Let The Chips Fall бфятн 7 Kaw-Liga 8 All I Have To Offer You (Is Me) 9 (I'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again 10 Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone 11 Wonder Could I Live There Anymore 12 Did You Think To Pray 13 I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me 14 I'm Justвдмэр Me 15 Kiss An Angel Good Mornin' 16 All His Children 17 It's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer 18 She's Too Good To Be True 19 A Shoulder To Cry On 20 Don't Fight The Feelings Of Love CD2: Charley Pride The Essential 1 Amazing Love 2 We Could 3 Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town 4 Then Who Am I 5 I Ain't All Bad 6 Hope You're Feelin' Me (Like I'm Feelin' You) 7 She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory 8 I'll Be Leaving Aloneвпвчз 9 More To Me 10 Someone Loves You Honey 11 When I Stop Leaving (I'll Be Gone) 12 Where Do I Put Her Memory 13 You Win Again 14 You Almost Slipped My Mind 15 Roll On Mississippi 16 You're So Good When You're Bad 17 Why Baby Why 18 Night Games 19 The Power Of Love 20 Down On The Farm Исполнитель Чарли Прайд Charley Pride.