Erasure The Two Ring Circus Формат: Audio CD (Jewel Case) Дистрибьютор: Gala Records Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 1983 г Альбом: Импортное издание инфо 4513v.

Содержание 1 Sometimes (Erasure And Flood Mix) 2 It Doesn't Have To Be (Mix By Pascal Gabriel) 3 Victim Of Love (Little Louie Vega Mix) 4 Leave Me To Bleed (Vince Clarke / Eric Radcliffe Mix) бьэуа 5 Hideaway (Little Louie Vega Mix) 6 Don't Dance (Daniel Miller / Flood Mix) 7 If I Could (Orchestral Arr & Thanks To Andrew Poppy) 8 Spiralling (Credit As Above) 9 My HeartSo Blue (Credit As Above) 10 Victim Of Love (Live) 11 Spiraвквехlling (Live) 12 Sometimes (Live) 13 Oh l'Amour (Live) 14 Who Needs Love (Like That) (Live) 15 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Live) Исполнитель "Erasure".