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Beatrice Cenci Zagrosek Four Lieder (2 CD) Формат: 2 Audio CD Дистрибьютор: Sony Classical Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 2004 г Сборник: Импортное издание инфо 4421v.

Содержание CD1: Beatrice Cenci Zagrosek Four Lieder 1 Introduction (Akt 1) 2 My Gentle Beatrice 3 What Has Your Father Done 4 His Holiness The Pope 5 Orsino, Two Long Years 6 Fareбэпбоwell 7 Princes And Cardinals 8 Entrance Of The Dancers - The Singer's Arietta 9 A Charming Song 10 Arietta: Oh, You Bright Wine 11 Introduction (Akt 2) 12 Arietta: The Beautiful Blue Heaven 13 What Ails You, My Poor Child? 14 Orsino! вкняц15 Beatrice 16 He Is Asleep 17 They Come Not Yet? 18 Chorus: Who Knocks At This Late Hour CD2: Beatrice Cenci Zagrosek Four Lieder 1 Oh Mother (Akt 3) 2 Lucrezia Cenci 3 How Very Friendless 4 Nocturne 5 The Pope Is Stern 6 Arietta: False Friend 7 Interlude 8 Look, How The Sun 9 Farewell, My Tender Brother 10 They Have Fulfilled Their Fate 11 Clouds (Wolken) 12 A Sprig Of Roses (Ein Rosenzweig) 13 Fogweaving (Nebвсдщыelweben) 14 Time (Zeit) Исполнители Беатриче Ченчи Beatrice Cenci Лотар Загросек Lothar Zagrosek.

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